Trainer download

Latest version:


How to use it

  • Download the Zip file
  • Extract it to any folder on your PC
  • Run Rocket League
  • Run RocketLeagueTrainer.exe (If the trainer doesn't detect Rocket League, run RocketLeagueTrainer.exe as administrator)

Note: Some anti-viruses started to flag the trainer as malware. That's probably because the trainer has to read and change the memory of another process in order to work which is sometimes used by malicious software.

Create a new shot

To create a new shot open a new tab.

Move the car and ball by dragging and dropping them to the location you want them to be. Rotate them by holding the CTRL key while dragging them.
You can also change their position/rotation by editing the values directly. Optionally you can add an offset to each value. With this offset you can randomize your shots. Each time the shot is being used a random value between +offset and -offset will be calculated and added to the original rotation/position value.

If the momentum checkbox is ticked a red arrow should appear next to the ball. That's the direction the ball will be shot once you press the hotkey. Rotate the ball to change this direction.
The force value goes from 0 to 200 and determines how fast the ball will go. Set it to 0 and the ball will be frozen like in the rookie aerial training.

Shots can be saved and loaded as a .shot file.

The "Load" tab

On program start all local .shot files that are in the "trainingSessions" folder will be loaded and shown in this tab.
The "trainingSessions" folder is in the same directory as the trainer and is created when you start the trainer the first time if it doesn't exist already.
You can create subdirectories inside this folder to organize your shots or to create playlists.

Use a shot

Tick the enable checkbox to activate a shot.
Enabled shots can be used in FreePlay mode by either pressing the 'Reset Shot' key which you assign in the Rocket League settings or by assigning a hotkey on your keyboard in the trainer's settings.
If more than one shot is enabled the trainer picks a random shot and mirrors them randomly. You can change that in the settings.

Psyonix's statement about third party tools

If you have a question, found a bug or anything else, contact me or post here.